The 5 Best Electric Scooters You Can Buy Right Now

The 5 Best Electric Scooters You Can Buy Right Now

Best electric scooter are the way into the future. Over the past decade, hundreds of electric powered, personal flexibility devices have sprung up all over the market. They’re becoming ridden in places all around the world by folks from all walks of life. Electric scooters are along the way of taking the largest portion of the market share from self-balancing scooters and electric bicycles. The reason behind that is their easily manageable size and weight in comparison to electric bikes and more practical design linked to Segway-like vehicles. Electric scooter will be the perfect balance between the two.

Listed below are our top five best electric scooters available today, based on urban mobility, price, technical specs, customization and supply.

UberScoot 1600 48 volt

Uberscoot is a great vehicle for short journeys, commuting to work or simply have a great time. Best electric scooter is ambitious by 1600 Watt motor, can travel 12 miles about the same demand and has a detachable seating. It features current economic climate function button to decelerate acceleration and top acceleration to conserve power supply life for those long rides. Four 12V/12AH electric batteries can be priced in 6-8 time and have a lifetime of 250 cycles.


The Xcooter is a foldable, stylish, luxurious, modern and compact electric scooter that delivers an alternative to conventional kinds of transportation. The vehicle can drive 15 kilometres about the same fee and maxes out at 15 MPH. E-scooter is constructed of aluminium alloy, weights 40 pounds and has a 265lbs maximum load. It also comes with LCD screen, which is installed on the back of the frame.

TuTu SL350 with foldable seat

TuTu SL350 is powered by Lithium-ion, 48 V / 12Ah electric battery. Best electric scooter has a foldable seat and integrated security alarm system, which can be switched on or off using remote control key. Model SL350 can reach rates of speed of up to 17 mph, and travel 34 kilometresfor a single fee. TuTu SL350 also comes with LCD, that shows speed, power level, trip drive, miles odometer and light icon. Available in renewable, blue, white, red or orange. More details here:

Scoot-E Bike

Scoot-E-Bike has gained significant superstar support and is making its way to the conventional. P Diddy, Snoop Dogg, J.R. Smith, Chris Dark Brown, and Ray J are among the very best celebrities promoting the electric vehicle. Best electric scooter is packed with a broad variety of features such as keyless start, totally functional security alarm, Bluetooth, USB interface and others. It has a variety of 28 kilometres and rises to 15.5 MPH.

Most suitable choice – URB-E

URB-E is by significantly the best foldable electric scooter on the market place. URB-E’s multi-functionality and unique design models it apart from its rivals. “Weighing just 35 pounds as well as built from carbonfibres and aircraft-grade aluminium, it is the ultimate last-mile transport solution,” says manufacturer, URBAN626 LLC. The URB-E has 250 Watt brushless electric engine that is capable of speeds as high as 15 mph and can travel 20 mls about the same charge.

Electric scooter has 120 pounds, single shock, suspension and mix drilled rear disc brakes. URBAN626, the California-based company that manufactures URB-E, also offers an array of accessories such as shopping baskets, glass holders and helmets.

For travelling short distances, an ebest electric scooter severely beats walking, especially in our climate.